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Our proprietary software, CEOAssist helps you take the plunge into Industry 4.0 by eliminating inefficiencies in the supply chain, planning & procurement and on the shop floor.

CEOAssist helps you understand performance gaps in the organisation on a day to day basis
by using AI and IoT. With a combination of industry best practices like Theory of Constraints,TRIZ, Lean & Data Analytics, it unleashes the hidden potential of any organisation.

It helps increase the flow of information and material movement inside the organisation,
which ultimately improves financial parameters.


We, at Intellixente Solutions, believe that every organisation whether Small scale, Medium scale or Large has infinite potential for growth! Unfortunately, the SMEs do not get enough support from the big consulting firms. These organisations are usually owner driven and don’t have sufficient bandwidth for the growth. Moreover, they do not have the capacity to hire many experts.

Our solutions help them to bring in necessary infrastructure, release the bandwidth of the owner/ management while simultaneously reducing operational and resource wastage. It helps the management/owner to look beyond the day to day operational issues and focus on new business & growth opportunities.

We strongly believe that any organisation on our platform has the scope to improve by 10-30%


Planning & Accountability

Planning & Accountability

In today’s VUCA world, supply & demand variation creates chaos in the production environment. The production team constantly gets expedited by the customer and sometimes fails to deliver on time.CEOassist will help you overcome this by answering the three golden questions:
What to produce? When to produce? How much to produce?

Quick Decision Making

Quick Decision Making

In any system, the bottlenecks keep on shifting and it becomes difficult to focus on one single operation. With the help of our AI driven algorithm and predictive analytics, we help you identify the operations with possibility of flow disruptions.

Process Optimisation

Process Optimisation

Capacity Improvement does not equal to additional investment! With the help of our process experts, Lean techniques & Theory of Constraints principles, we help optimise your process without any additional investment.

Operation Monitoring & Improvement

Operation Monitoring & Improvement

Shop floor data can be monitored using special IoT modules. This helps in identifying & improving bottleneck processes

Operational & Financial Dashboards

Operational & Financial Dashboards

Management bandwidth is the ultimate constraint for any organisation! Our solution provides comprehensive dashboards which help the top bosses to release their bandwidth from operational issues.

Money Lost/Saved/ Gained Every Day

Money Lost/Saved/ Gained Every Day

Is your compliance 100% today? The question remains at what cost? If you have improved your flow, what is that you are going to gain? No other system will help you understand these dynamics. Only CEOassist will!


Understand the flow

Find relevant data points

Capture the data

Analyse the data

Get actionable / insights

Implement actionables

Reap the benefits


  • Reduction in inventory
  • Release of free cash
  • Reduction of lead time
  • Reduction in storage space requirement
  • Reduction in Contract Manpower
  • Release of Capacity
  • Improvement in sales due to less shortages
  • Less expediting
  • More harmony in the system


Aditya Pandit

Aditya has a strong background in manufacturing and operations. He has completed his BE from Pune University and further studied Constraints Management from Washington State University, USA. He is a theory of constraint expert and has several years of hands-on consulting & management experience. As a founding member, he works in leading the team on incorporating the industry best practices in the product along with defining the strategy and product roadmap.

Janhavi Chitale

Janhavi is a systems expert and has experience of working in the manufacturing and sales domain. In her first entrepreneurial stint, she leads the technical department and works on implementing best practices through use of data. Janhavi has a BE in Electronics & Telecommunications from Pune University and an MS in Information Management from University of Maryland, US


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